Final tally: 8 candidates seeking to finish Milo’s term in Aug. 11 GOP caucus

click here (EDITOR’S NOTE: While candidate Paul Boardman is a cousin of WNLP’s editor, she is not affiliated with his campaign in any way, shape or form.)

With the filing deadline having passed at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8, the final tally of candidates seeking to finish LaPorte Blair Milo’s term is eight (in alphabetical order):

Paul Boardman

Spencer England

Roger Galloway

Mark Krentz

Leigh Morris

Thomas Obertein

Geoff Sellers

Tim Stabosz

“The future of LaPorte and the LaPorte County Republican Party is bright.  I think so many candidates have raised their hands because of the track record of strong leadership Mayor Milo leaves and the bright path our community is on,” LaPorte County GOP Chairman Nick Barbknecht said in a press release.

The GOP caucus of 20 precinct committeemen eligible to vote on the new mayor will take place at 5:30 p.m. Friday at LaPorte County Complex Meeting Room 3, 809 State St., LaPorte.

Barbknecht explained the vote process: “A candidate needs a simple majority to win outright. Should no candidate secure a simple majority, we proceed to additional ballots, dropping the lowest vote-getter from each ballot until we have a candidate who has secured a majority of voting committeemen.

“While 20 precincts comprise the city limits of LaPorte, only those precinct committeemen properly credentialed in attendance at the caucus or with an eligible vice-committeeman serving as a proxy are permitted to vote,” Barbknecht said.

Milo is resigning to become the first-ever secretary of career connections and talent in Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s administration. She starts in her new role on Aug. 14.

For additional information on the caucus, including statements issued by some of the candidates, click on the following WNLP story link:

(UPDATED AUG. 6) GOP caucus to choose Milo’s successor is Aug. 11

3 Responses to “Final tally: 8 candidates seeking to finish Milo’s term in Aug. 11 GOP caucus”

  1. Anon

    Aug 09. 2017

    Secretary of career connections and talent? If that doesn’t sound unnecessary as hell, I don’t know what does. There’s this thing called LinkedIn and a person should not be paid over $150,000 a year of our tax money to pretend to do it’s job. Big government is wonderful, isn’t it?

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    • LPLPLP

      Aug 10. 2017

      I’m pretty sure Linkedin doesn’t train people for jobs? Her job is to figure out how to fill almost 1 million vacancies projected over the next 10 years. That takes a little more that creating a profile online. It’s a task that is worth every penny. Get over yourself and your anger that she was our mayor. She is gone now, so you can go to bed at night knowing that her talent will now have a much larger impact than just LP.

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  2. John Gottie

    Aug 10. 2017

    Mayor Milo was AWESOME, and it will be difficult for any of these folks to replace her.

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