A shout out to Steven

By Sharon Birlson Kirkham

This is a “shout out” to a fine young man by the name of Steven who lives in Fairfield subdivision in LaPorte, who came to my rescue after I took an unscheduled trip on (and off) my bicycle.

Who can resist this amazing fall weather? After a beautiful summer of biking and water skiing, I’m not quite ready to give it up and stay inside for exercise. Riding about 100 miles a week, I’ve got a total of around 10 years and over 25,000 miles on my two bikes. It is my exercise of choice. However, this past March we joined the Lake City Skiers, the only water ski show club in Indiana (there are 27 in Wisconsin) and spent several days a week throughout the summer in our travel trailer at a quiet little campground just this side of Warsaw. Practice was two nights a week in addition to shows on Sunday and Tuesday. Yes, it was quite a commitment, but Cary got to join in the fun as well by driving a pick-up boat and is in training to become a tow boat driver. It’s the same group the Rotary Club of LaPorte brought in to perform on Pine Lake last July, and who will be performing again next summer. I had the privilege of opening the show on my slalom ski wearing what I call my “burial dress,” a red sequined costume (see photo). Go ahead … chuckle … my heart leaped when I saw all 30 of them on hangers in the dressing room, sparkling like diamonds. I knew I had come to the right place.

So earlier this week in mid-October 2017, I was on the last leg of my bike, wrapping up my 20 miles, when a steamroller pulled onto A Street, finishing up the freshly paved road that leads into Kesling Park. Normally I would leave the road and ride on the sidewalk parallel with the park, but that day I went around the roller with intention of entering the sidewalk through the grass. I hit the edge of the sidewalk and, just like Ruth Buzzi on “Laugh-In” when she would hit the wall on her tricycle, I stopped in my tracks and fell over sideways. Wiped out! Again, go ahead and laugh. (I did.)

I was so stunned that as I lay on the ground, with the handlebars lodged in my stomach and the seat in my back, I could not move. I was twisted up like a pretzel around my own bike. Try as I might, every time I attempted to lift my left leg over the wheel, the handlebars would jab me harder in the gut and the seat would send a stabbing pain into my back. Oh, what a conundrum … I had nowhere to go. I was pinned under my own wheels.

Until, that is, when a precious young man stopped his truck in the middle of the road, got out and rescued me. He had a look of bewildered confusion on his face, obviously as perplexed as I was about how to help me. He was so sweet, and after getting me on my feet, he offered to put my bike in the back of his pick-up and drive me home, which I declined.

He said, “Well, I will watch you to make sure you are OK.” What an absolute champion.

If you know a Steven, maybe 30ish, who has a tattoo on his upper left arm and who lives in Fairfield subdivision across from Kesling Park, give him an “atta-boy” the next time you see him.

Thank you, Steven … you are my hero!

SHARON BIRLSON KIRKHAM travels and writes. A retired flight attendant, she and her husband Cary were awarded travel privileges for life when she left her job in 2008. Their intention is to burn it up, and so far they’ve lived up to their promise. Sharon has written and self-published four books, the most recent an e-book, “Skygirl on Cloud 9.” Born, raised and graduated from high school in LaPorte, she and Cary will celebrate their 40th anniversary in June 2018. They love to travel, but always look forward to returning home to their beloved LaPorte.

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  1. Suzanne

    Aug 13. 2018

    I am glad you nothing but your ego was hurt!!! N!ice costume, by the way!

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