LaPorte Hospital officials select architect, site prep teams for new hospital to be built adjacent to current site

A timeline for the new hospital building. (LaPorte Hospital image)

Nov. 2, 2017, press release from LaPorte Hospital:

In the next major development toward building a new LaPorte Hospital, officials at the hospital have selected a primary architect for the project. Gresham, Smith and Partners – a nationally recognized firm of architects, engineers, interior designers, and planners with more than 50 years in business – will serve as the lead architectural firm. Hospital design is one of their specialties. The hospital has also begun working with local engineers from RQAW in LaPorte for initial site preparation work, and Randall Miller & Associates Inc. from Marion, Indiana, is overseeing the site survey.

“The New LaPorte Hospital is going to be an exceptional facility, so we wanted to be sure to select teams with specialized knowledge. We’ve made the commitment to build the new LaPorte Hospital downtown which means we will need to work creatively in the limited space available. The expertise from Gresham, Smith and Partners, RQAW, and Randall Miller & Associates Inc. will support the development of an innovative design and help us realize our vision for the new hospital,” said Ashley Dickinson, CEO of LaPorte Hospital.

Mark Kosior, chairman of the LaPorte Hospital Board of Trustees, said the board is pleased to see the project moving forward.

“We have a solid leadership team at LaPorte Hospital who is taking careful consideration at every step of this project to ensure its success. The board is pleased that the hospital will be working with these experts to ensure we’re ready to break ground next year. With the input of our physicians and staff, we look forward to building a replacement hospital that sets a new standard for excellent patient care, while contributing favorably to the downtown landscape of LaPorte,” Kosior said.

Dickinson said the architects will be on site frequently as planning enters the next phase. With site preparation under way, focus now turns to refining the hospital’s design, choosing the final footprint of where it will be placed on hospital property downtown, and engaging hospital staff and physicians to provide valuable input on designing workspaces for optimal staff and patient flow. The hospital will release a rendering after these steps have taken place.

“Patient experience and quality care is top of mind for our new hospital. The way we deliver healthcare today is different than when the current hospital was first designed. Our patients expect convenience, easy flow, and efficiency of care. A well-designed facility will contribute to providing high-quality care, so we will spend a great deal of time and energy on getting the design right on the front end,” Dickinson said.

Gresham, Smith and Partners has worked with dozens of healthcare clients throughout the U.S. and internationally, specializing in designing solutions built for the environment at hand.

“We look forward to this project because we know how much the LaPorte community cares about their local hospital. This project is unique because LaPorte is unique. The most intriguing facet is the challenge of designing and constructing a new facility on the existing hospital-owned property nearby, while maintaining operations at the current hospital campus next door. Our initial meetings with hospital leadership have been very informative. The excitement of the staff is contagious and we see a great project team coming together,” said Gregory Gore, Healthcare Principal at Gresham, Smith and Partners.

As teams discuss and refine where the new hospital will be situated, others will begin carrying out plans to clear space for staging on property that the hospital owns. The removal of the home at 1301 Lincolnway is one of several changes that the community will begin to notice on LaPorte Hospital property as preparations begin.

“We are honored to participate in the development of our own community’s new hospital. Work has already started on initial site preparation, and we look forward to seeing the positive momentum that the replacement hospital will bring,” said Paul Vincent from RQAW, a local engineering and architectural firm in LaPorte.

“We are pleased to support a project of this complexity and scope,” said Jason Miller, President of Randall Miller & Associates Inc. “It is exciting to be involved at the ground level of the new LaPorte Hospital and to contribute to the future of the facility.”

The new facility will be located on property adjacent to the current hospital. An announcement about this final location will be made soon.

“This is a sign that site prep is really starting to happen, and it’s exciting for all of us. We are looking forward to building a new hospital for our community, and will continue to communicate details as they become finalized,” Dickinson said.

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7 Responses to “LaPorte Hospital officials select architect, site prep teams for new hospital to be built adjacent to current site”

  1. Grannie M

    Nov 02. 2017

    What good is a new hospital if all of our doctors are leaving town?

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  2. Susan larson

    Nov 02. 2017

    What happened to hire local ? I am sure laporte has architects and surveyors they could use .

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    • gobnaitx

      Nov 03. 2017

      Susan, it’s a hospital, not a strip mall or an office building. Hospitals are complicated and require some expertise in the field. Find an architectural firm in LP that can handle a technically complex project like this and I’m sure they’d have been glad to interview them.

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  3. Confused

    Nov 03. 2017

    Wait…I thought the company that owned the hospital was broke? Isn’t that why they refuse to pay its employees so that we have quality healthcare in La Porte?
    I may be wrong, but I would think that good wages and benefits would attract good employees and yet I hear they are leaving LP Hospital at an alarming rate.
    Why built a new hospital when the one we have cannot support itself?

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  4. Sharon

    Nov 04. 2017

    This looks like your typical press release with a bunch of quotes that really don’t tell the public anything about the plan other than how great it will be and how happy the major players are about the new hospital. Folks, I do predict it will be very small and won’t require too many employees or most likely won’t offer a large variety of specialty services. And, what will be the future of the existing hospital? Will it be torn down eventually and the property sold? Was there any forum for input from the community concerning the types of services they would like the hospital to offer in the community? If there was, I do apologize because I missed it completely. When industry and businesses consider locating here, they do look at factors such as the quality of schools and medical services, as well as other businesses. Will La Porte have less to offer, or more with the new facility (hospital)?

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    • gobnaitx

      Nov 06. 2017

      I think it’s fair to suspect the new hospital will be smaller, especially when you realize the amount of unused space the current one has. And as an obsolete facility, I’d expect the old building to be torn down once the new one is constructed.

      Without getting into whether the company that runs it is good or not, or whether there is enough community engagement or what services they’ll continue to provide, the fact is that healthcare is much different today than it was in the 1970s. It’s to be expected that a new facility would address the needs and expectations we have today, with much more treatments being outpatient or done off-site.

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  5. Sarah

    Nov 06. 2017

    Why is LaPorte building a new hospital when there is currently a huge brand new one going up in Michigan City?

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