Boston students interview veterans to preserve their histories

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Boston Middle School eighth-grade students recently interviewed 130 local U.S. veterans.

The students prepared by writing questions and practicing their interviewing skills. Students then reached out to their neighbors, friends and relatives and set up interview times.

The students shared the gift of time with their special veterans and recorded their stories. The interviews were then transcribed into essays. The essays, accompanied with thank-you letters were mailed to each of the veterans in honor of their service. The special messages were sent to arrive in time to commemorate Veterans Day 2017.

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  1. Left LaPorte

    Nov 13. 2017

    What an exceptional way to educate young people about the sacrifices the local veterans (and all veterans) made for the freedoms they enjoy today! This will be one lesson they will appreciate as they grow up and be glad they were a part of it.

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