LP park officials release details of pending Beechwood clubhouse renovations

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At its Nov. 15, 2017, meeting, the LaPorte Park and Recreation Board approved design work for renovations to the Beechwood Golf Course clubhouse.

“The renovations address three main concerns: a deteriorated flat roof, antiquated HVAC system and ADA compliance,” according to a park department post. “The plans call for the existing roof to be removed and replaced with a sloped metal roof, a total HVAC replacement and an addition and interior renovation to add restrooms to the upper level.

“Construction is expected to begin in January. It marks the first significant renovation to the building since the upper level was added in the 1950s.”

Park Superintendent Mark Schreiber said the $573,000 project is being funded by a $2 million LaPorte Redevelopment Commission bond. The bond will also fund a new fire truck, estimated at $650,000, and funded the already completed new irrigation system at Beechwood ($630,000).


For more information on the municipal course, visit www.thebeechwoodgolfcourse.com.

3 Responses to “LP park officials release details of pending Beechwood clubhouse renovations”

  1. L. Friend

    Nov 18. 2017

    yea, great improvement to the City of LaPorte

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    • G. Johnson

      Nov 21. 2017

      I totally agree. We have a beautiful course. The updates are well deserved! Thank you for your leadership, Mark Schreiber and park board!

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  2. B Michael

    Nov 19. 2017

    Must continue to improve city or lose. It’s a must. However, other departments also need to step up. The number of complaints re city water, everyone paying same water bill (no incentive to conserve), and poor product/service of cable companies in area (Comcast) and Waste Management mean the city is failing in basic management of services. This is problematic because the dissatisfaction is clear and available to companies/entrepreneurs as they monitor FB and Twitter for communities they may consider for business. Additionally, people who want to consider moving their family for jobs with companies like Arconic decide not too because they see basic services do not seem to meet community members expectations.

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