Great Shots: raptors in action

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Larry Cadwell took these spectacular shots of hawks busy braving the winter in Rolling Prairie. In the top photo: “A red-tailed hawk barrel rolls and exposes its talons to fend off an attacking competitor.” Second photo: “A rough-legged hawk secures a meal.” Larry explained the difference between the two types of hawks: “Red-tailed hawks are local year-round residents and are frequently seen along roadsides perched on power poles. They hunt rodents and small mammals, but will feed on roadkilled animals such as large deer this time of year when deep snow makes finding prey difficult. Rough-legged hawks are winter visitors to our area from the Arctic tundra, where they feed on lemmings.”

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4 Responses to “Great Shots: raptors in action”

  1. Carolyn Johnson

    Jan 22. 2018

    WOW! I have red-tailed hawks preying on little birds at my feeders but never captured such a fantastic picture. Congrats.

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  2. Mike

    Jan 22. 2018

    Spectacular pics!! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Larry Cadwell

    Jan 23. 2018

    A photo presentation on “Raptors of Rolling Prairie” (and other things that go bump in the night) will occur April 12 at 5:00 PM at the Rolling Prairie branch of the LaPorte Library.

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  4. Kathy T

    Jan 24. 2018

    Hawks are so fascinating. Thanks for these wonderful pictures.

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