LaPorte County rapidly goes from snowbound to waterlogged

Vehicles navigate the heavy rains Feb. 20 on U.S. 35 at the 212 overpass near Michigan City Airport.

This photo and the one below: Walking hasn’t been a picnic, either.

A truck creates a wake in a flooded section of CR 900N west of CR 125E. (Don’t try that.)

A fast-moving, rising Galena River tries to squeeze under CR 125E.

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski (click to enlarge)

Glass half full: Well, it’s warmer. And most of the snow is gone.

Glass half empty: Many of us now have unwanted personal ponds, either in our yards, local roads or (worst scenario) basements.

Driving has been especially interesting in the past few days, what with flooded road portions (don’t try to drive through them; that’s dangerous to your vehicle and perhaps your life) and newly uncovered potholes.

If you’ve been lucky enough to pretty much stay put, allow Bob to show you these scenes, taken Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018. 

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