LaPorte New Church invites you to learn to live with “less anxiety, more joy”

Information provided by LaPorte New Church

On the first Sundays of each month, LaPorte New Church, 812 Indiana Ave. (across from the library), offers contemporary services for all that explore topics that impact lives right here, right now. Sunday services begin at 10 a.m. Guests are warmly welcomed.

Similar to the New Church’s former Health & Spirituality programs, First Sundays offer casual but meaningful discussions on matters that affect our everyday lives.

Given that we are experiencing stressful and impatient times, on this Sunday, March 4, the topic is “Live with Less Anxiety and More Joy.” Combining trust in God’s infinite love for humankind and compassionate support from the New Church, learn how to enjoy the moment and worry less, open yourself to forward spiritual progress, and put more trust in God.

Life is often compared to a journey. We can shuffle our feet and mope about the path we’re taking, but anxiety and impatience don’t change our speed or route. Instead, we can enjoy the scenery, confident that the direction of the stream of Divine Providence will steer us toward a more beautiful vista.

The New Church is open-minded, understanding that even though we know there is one God over all, not everyone will have the same perception or experience of God. Coming from differing backgrounds and traditions, it’s completely reasonable that each of our paths have led us to our varying personal relationships with, and sense of, God. Here, all good and useful paths leading to God are valued.

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