Michael Rosenbaum is running for LaPorte County Council on GOP ticket


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Michael B. Rosenbaum has announced his run for the LaPorte County Council District 4 seat. Rosenbaum, 58, will be on the May 8 Republican Primary ballot.   
A Certified Public Accountant, Rosenbaum is currently employed as Director of Tax Accounting and Business Development for Hartwell and Wolf, a wealth management firm. Previously, he was Senior Tax Manager at two different international accounting firms.   An ongoing lecturer at the Andrews University Small Business Summits, Rosenbaum is also a former lecturer in accounting at IUSB, where he taught for 2 semesters.
Currently, Rosenbaum is Republican Precinct Committeeman for Pleasant Township and is a former 3-time elected Town Councilman with 8 years of service.
“My wife and I continue to maintain our love for the beauty of LaPorte County and the values of its people,” Rosenbaum said in a press release. “I am enthused and honored at the prospect of sitting on the council and believe I can serve at a high level because of my experience and background as a CPA and as a former Town Councilman, which uniquely qualify me for our county’s fiscal body.”
Rosenbaum is currently the LaPorte City Parks’ Babe Ruth Baseball League Supervisor. He has been active in the Boy Scouts of America for over 20 years and is a former District Commissioner. He previously served as a board member and treasurer of the Child Care Consortium, and also as a consultant for Head Start of LaPorte County.  In his spare time, he likes to substitute teach.
Rosenbaum, who lives in a historic home on Indiana Avenue in LaPorte, currently serves as treasurer of the non-profit People Engaged in Preservation.  He and his wife of 31 years, Dottie, have two adult sons.
Rosenbaum laid out his vision of service, stating, “My commitment to our citizenry is simple and straightforward. I am committed to tight management of expenses, no increases in tax rates, and a prudent and responsible financial profile for our county. I believe that there is a need for a fresh perspective on the council, and that my supervisory role in the profession I work in will serve our residents well. I stand for honesty, integrity, independence, responsibility, and accountability, and, if elected, I intend to represent my constituents with an open door and an attentive ear.”

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