Tom Dermody announces LaPorte mayoral run


Former state representative Tom Dermody announced March 27, 2018, that he will run for LaPorte mayor in 2019 on the Republican ticket.

“I am running for mayor to focus on creating opportunities while challenging the status quo to deliver an improved quality of life,” Dermody said in a press release.

Dermody, who represented much of the LaPorte County area in the Indiana General Assembly from 2006-2016 before declining to run again. He highlighting his experience as a local job creator and his time representing the LaPorte area downstate.

“As mayor, I will be committed to working with residents to create a culture where our children and grandchildren will want to stay, work and raise their families. A primary focus would include improving infrastructure to enhance LaPorte’s opportunities for economic growth.

Dermody said he is attending council, board and commission meetings to become educated on the issues facing the city. He is also meeting with residents to understand their concerns and vision for LaPorte. If elected, he said he will be prepared on day one to lead the city of LaPorte as mayor.  

Dermody’s LaPorte Vision Plan 2020 Plan includes:

— Citizen Engagement/Open Door Policy to discuss opportunities and challenges

— Enforce Residential Code Compliance to enhance community pride

— Ensure Law Enforcement has the best tools/training to crackdown on drug activity

— Fight the opioid epidemic and make substance abuse treatment a focal point

— Work with community partners to create mental health treatment options

— Revitalize downtown/ New Porte Landing to attract entrepreneurs

— Cultivate economic growth and career opportunities

“If elected, I will be an actively engaged mayor as an economic development leader and spokesperson for LaPorte. The office of mayor creates an opportunity to work together with the community and make LaPorte the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

Dermody is a lifelong resident of LaPorte County and a local entrepreneur.  

5 Responses to “Tom Dermody announces LaPorte mayoral run”

  1. Thomas Stockstill

    Mar 27. 2018

    Has Mr Dermody moved within Laporte City limits and will he meet minimum residential requirements by the primary and/or general elections?

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  2. .

    Mar 28. 2018

    @Thomas Stockstill

    If you read the article carefully your questions will be answered.

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  3. Inquiring Minds

    Mar 30. 2018

    Thomas is right to doubt! I’ve read and re-read the article and nowhere does the article indicate this candidate’s residency. While it does say the candidate is a lifelong La Porte County resident, it does not indicate that the candidate lives within the city limits, which is a requirement.

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  4. Wesley Miller

    Sep 17. 2018

    Tom Dermody has a unconditional love for La Porte. He believes to give his unconditional love to this town. He has countless achievements in office He can bring back to La Porte what it has lost. He is personally interested in helping local residents. He has helped me in La Porte. I was born in La Porte . He truly cares about the betterment of La Porte.

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  5. Scott Smith

    Nov 12. 2018

    I would like to hear Mr. Dermody’s stance on Cannabis.

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