Learning the ropes

A photo from the Lake City Skiers website, www.lakecityskiers.org.

By Sharon Birlson Kirkham

Well, folks, spring has sprung and as the song, “Summer’s Comin’” by Clint Black goes, “nothing on earth that’ll get me hummin’ like a heatwave comin’” is what the Lake City Skiers of Warsaw, IN, have been

Sharon Birlson Kirkham (photo taken by her grandson, Trace Ostergren)

singing. While the water skis are still tucked away in the shed, the ropes have been unwound and are being put to good use until the weather warms up!

Last July, the Rotary Club of LaPorte brought the Lake City Skiers here to perform their hourlong water ski show on Pine Lake. Because it was such a great success, they are bringing them back again this July 21 … mark your calendars, LaPorte!

The first practice of the Lake City Skiers was March 24 at a gymnasium in Warsaw, and if you think you might be interested in being a part of the show, a membership drive is under way.

The youngest member of the team is 5, and the oldest is yours truly.  My husband Cary and I become septuagenarians this year. For those of you who have never heard that word, it means 70. We call ourselves “seenagers,” because we are having so much fun. Cary is learning to be a pick-up boat driver and I’m skiing, so if any of you think you might be interested, “no excuses” — there is a place for you at Lake City Skiers.

For our practice last Saturday, the ropes were anchored to a concrete pillar in the furnace room beside the gym, and each category learned their individual and group routine.  With lots of spotters, the pyramid climbers were taught the proper way to climb and the ballet line learned their routine, plus the two dances they perform before and after they ski. The barefooters and jumpers also practiced their fancy footwork that will be performed during the payoff.

The shows are at Hidden Lake in Warsaw, and are free every Sunday and Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. CT Memorial Day through Labor Day. They have a great snack bar with delicious burgers, chips, soft drinks and Culver’s ice cream. It’s a wonderful family affair, so if you are a water skier or want to become one, there is a place for you at Lake City Skiers. Please contact Lauren Burish 765-434-0384 or Steve Hawblitzel at 407-929-2267 for more information, and visit http://www.lakecityskiers.org.

SHARON BIRLSON KIRKHAM travels and writes. A retired flight attendant, she and her husband of nearly 40 years, Cary, were awarded travel privileges for life when she left her job in 2008. Their intention is to burn it up, and so far they’ve lived up to their promise. Sharon has written and self-published four books, the most recent an e-book, “Skygirl on Cloud 9.” Born, raised and graduated from high school in LaPorte, she and Cary are community activists. They love to travel, but always look forward to returning home to their beloved LaPorte.

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  1. Diane

    Mar 30. 2018

    Warsaw is a pleasant drive from LaPorte or Michigan City. What a fun family evening outing this will be this summer. Thanks, Sharon😊

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  2. Emily B.

    Mar 30. 2018

    That is so cool! Thanks for the info

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  3. Fran Milo

    Mar 30. 2018

    Your adventuresome spirit never ceases to amaze me! Can’t wait to see what new tricks you’ve learned! There is already a “Buzz” about the Rotary 2nd Annual Hub of Awesome Waterski Show! More info will be coming as we get a little closer. We are committed to keeping this a FREE event for the community and also a unique attraction to bring folks in to see our beautiful city and the equally beautiful lakes. We are in the process of asking for sponsorship, so if individuals or businesses would like to help Rotary, please contact me at franmilo@Comcast.net. The Lake City Ski Club is exciting and very professional, even though they are a volunteer organization. Award winning too, I might add! I’ll be there July 21 to watch you ski, Sharon! Thanks for a great article!

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  4. Kathy T

    Mar 31. 2018

    so which are you, the barefooter, jumper, pyramid or ballet?? That’s so awesome, you’re a great role model for our generation.

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  5. Sharon Kirkham

    Mar 31. 2018

    Thank you Kathy…the ballet line is my goal, however, it requires a “hop dock” start with slalom right foot forward. I have done a “deep water” start with left foot forward for 58 years. Old dog…new tricks 🤗

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