14 deputy prosecutors endorse Lake

Letter submitted

As seasoned prosecutors with knowledge of what is required to fulfill the crucial role of elected prosecutor and extensive experience working with both candidates, we join together today to unanimously announce our endorsement for the Office of LaPorte County Prosecuting Attorney. Based on our decades of experience leading and working in and with the prosecutor’s office, we understand the qualities needed for the job, and believe the choice for LaPorte County Prosecutor is overwhelmingly clear: John Lake is the candidate we trust and stand behind to deliver justice for all in LaPorte County.

John Lake is the most qualified person to lead the LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office. He will lead by example and take the most difficult serious felony cases to trial himself. As a deputy prosecutor in the LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office for 23 years, Lake developed lasting relationships with his fellow prosecutors, judges, attorneys, staff, court personnel, and law enforcement agencies. He has represented the people and victims of LaPorte County with unsurpassed dedication, and has set a standard for professionalism in the many jury trials he has successfully tried in every court of LaPorte County, achieving an unsurpassed 99% conviction rate in over 100 jury and bench trials in his career. His deference to law enforcement officers taking the lead in their investigations has earned him their respect. Lake’s work ethic, preparation, professionalism, unblemished record, and dedication to justice for all make it an easy choice for us to endorse him.

John Lake has earned our trust, our respect, and most importantly our votes. Join us in supporting John Lake and make him our Prosecutor on May 8!



Bethany Beckman – Deputy Prosecutor

David Bishop – Deputy Prosecutor

Patricia Boersma Bishop – Deputy Prosecutor

Sarah Brinkley – Deputy Prosecutor

Steve Fenton – Deputy Prosecutor

Gregory Hofer – Deputy Prosecutor

Jennifer Koethe – Deputy Prosecutor

Mary Lake – Deputy Prosecutor

Gary Schoof – Deputy Prosecutor

Cory Shoffner – Deputy Prosecutor

Alan Sirinek – Deputy Prosecutor

Barbra Stooksbury  – Deputy Prosecutor

Robert Szilagyi – Elected Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor

Catherine Trevino – Deputy Prosecutor

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  1. Mark Alan Pedzinski

    Jun 29. 2018

    Endorsing… Me, gotten arrested for public intoxication charge sit the maximum penalty of a drunk driving charge…. Thieves, woman, kid beaters get released before I? Endorsing a change…

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