Sheriff’s 2017 annual report reveals upticks in reported offenses, arrests, crashes and traffic citations

LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd has issued the department’s 2017 Annual Report, which contains statistics in the following categories: calls for service; information in the areas of offenses, arrests, crashes and, citations; the Jail Division; warrants; the Civil Division, and the SCUBA Team.


“We are encouraged by some of the statistical numbers contained within the report. However, there are some areas that cause us some concern, such as the total amount of lives lost from fatality crashes, the increase in the amount of offenses investigated, and the drastic increase in the amount of warrants issued,” Boyd said in a press release. “The information contained in the report reflects that the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office are experiencing an increased workload requiring additional time and resources being utilized.”

Some of the 2017 statistics include:

— The amount of calls for service in 2017 rose 17%. A total of 30,830 calls for service were handled by deputies, as compared to 26,289 calls for service in 2016.  

— Offenses investigated rose 10%. A total of 3,685 offenses were investigated in 2017 as compared to 3,338 investigated in 2016. (Boyd noted that in 2017, the Sheriff’s Office became the first in the state to be certified in the National-Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), which provides different requirements as to how offenses are classified.)

— A total of 4,256 people were arrested, a 5% increase compared to 2016.  

— A total of 3,338 traffic citations were issued, a 40% increase over 2016.

— For the first time in history, the Sheriff’s Office computed the total number of warnings issued during a calendar year. A total of 7,786 traffic warnings were issued to motorists. “The total amount of warnings issued versus the total amount of citations issued shows that our deputies are utilizing their discretion to correct driving behaviors and habits,” Boyd said. Increased police visibility is also a factor in the increased citations, he said.

— A total of 1,414 traffic crashes were investigated in 2017, a 3% increase from the 2016 total (1,367). Of those, 337 personal-injury crashes were investigated in 2017 as compared to 353 personal-injury crashes investigated in 2016.  

— Fourteen fatality crashes were investigated in 2017, the same number of fatality crashes as 2016. However, a total of 19 people were killed in those 14 fatality crashes. “We continue to pursue and receive federally funded grants from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. This measure allows us to deploy additional deputies at no additional cost to the taxpayers.  Because of adding the additional patrols through the grants, traffic infractions are identified in an attempt reduce and limit the number of crashes.”

— The LaPorte County Jail booked in 4,627 people, a 5% percent increase over 2016 (4,410). Of that number, 3,428 were males and 1,197 were females.

— In 2017, the kitchen staff of the LaPorte County Jail prepared and served a total of 325,687 meals.  

— A total of 3,466 criminal arrest warrants were issued in 2017, a 70% increase as compared to 2016 (2,036).

The entire annual report, along with the Jail Division annual report, are posted on

“We are asking the citizens of LaPorte County to review the report, which will provide valuable statistical information into the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office,” Boyd said. “The report also provides the taxpaying citizens of LaPorte County an opportunity to educate themselves as to how their tax dollars are utilized.”

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