UPDATE: Puppy apparently died on its own of asphyxiation; no burglary

Photo and press releases from LaPorte Police

“The LaPorte Police Department recently received a report of an alleged burglary that took place in the city of LaPorte where a family dog was killed. Detective Sergeant Airy has been working hard on this case and obtained additional information with the assistance of Dr. Dorroh from All Creature Features. Dr. Dorroh completed an exam of the dog and did not observe any serious injuries but did show signs of asphyxiation. At this time we believe that the dog possibly escaped from its own cage and got its head stuck in a potato chip bag. As the dog attempted to remove the bag from its head it started to thrash around, causing some minor injuries.
“As Sgt. Airy continued to investigate this, it was found to be a common occurrence throughout the United States every year. Animals commonly get their heads stuck when attempting to eat from potato chip, cereal, and food bags. The animal will start thrashing their heads and can suffocate in less then 5 minutes. This case has shown how dangerous a simple bag could be when left unattended with animals and children. The week of Nov. 25 to Dec. 1 of 2018 is National Pet Suffocation Awareness Week to raise awareness for this exact reason.
“We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family who lost a family pet and hope this is a lesson for all local pet owners on the dangers of everyday items in their homes.
“For additional information see the below link.”


A puppy reported missing April 3 by a LaPorte family who told police their home was burglarized was found dead in the home days later. 

LaPorte Police had asked the public’s help in finding the 5-month-old Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix a few days after it went missing. Then on April 5, the family discovered the dog with a bag over its head and beaten to death in a bedroom of the family’s home, they told police.

“During the investigation the victim did not have any suspect or witness information and informed officers that they had checked the home and nothing else appeared to be missing,’ an April 9 police report stated. “Attempts were made to locate the missing dog through social media, speaking with neighbors, and checking local shelters but the dog was not located. On 04/06/18, the victim in this case located the missing dog. … The dog was in a room that was not frequently used and was missed during the initial search by the homeowner.

“At this time no motive or additional information is available to provide the public with additional insight into this case.”

LaPorte Police asks for anyone with information to call Detective Sergeant Brett Airy at (219)362-9446.

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  1. Name (required)

    Apr 11. 2018

    This is so sad for the family-this was a tragic ending for an adorable puppy — but maybe people will learn from the earlier posts not to jump to conclusions. People are so quick to judge before knowing what the whole story is – there could be things not everyone knows or needs to know in any story. Lets look for the good before judging.

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  2. lawman

    Apr 11. 2018

    never saw any earlier posts here????

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    • Staff

      Apr 11. 2018

      Since they no longer pertained to the situation, the earlier comments were deleted after this most recent information was released by police.

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