LaPorte County’s 911 dispatchers honored during nationally designated week

Some of the county’s 911 dispatchers are pictured here (from left): Dispatcher Danielle Jarrett, Dispatcher Pam Rensberger, Dispatcher Aimee Weaver, Sheriff’s Major Heath Haferkamp, Dispatcher Lisa Haferkamp, Sheriff John Boyd, Chief Deputy Ron Heeg, and Dispatcher Denise West. And below, the celebratory cake they received. (Sheriff’s office photo)

You can see the EMS responders, police and firefighters when they rush to accident scenes or to the homes of sick or injured people to save lives. Their services are invaluable. Just as invaluable are the emergency workers you don’t see.

Usually the first individual reached in an emergency is a 911 dispatcher, whose calming voice to callers and quick instructions to responders are the first cog in the vital seconds after an accident, fire or crime.

“This week, April 8-14, has been declared National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week,” the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office advises residents. “Yesterday (April 11, 2018), members of the Sheriff’s Office Administration visited the LaPorte County E-911 Regional Dispatch Center to recognize and honor the dedicated, hard-working LaPorte County dispatchers. The men and women of the sheriff’s office wish to publicly thank the 30 LaPorte County E-911 dispatchers for being the calm voice when citizens dial 911 during emergencies, and for being the lifeline of deputies on the opposite end of the police radio.”

WNLP joins the sheriff’s department in thanking these indispensable professionals.

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  1. Thank you!!!!

    Apr 15. 2018

    Thank you dispatchers for getting us the help we need when we call you!!!!!

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