Child molesting suspect kills himself as police close in

Press release from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office

Late last month, the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office began a child pornography investigation. A suspect, Rusty D. Reuille, 36, was quickly identified.  A criminal arrest warrant was issued for Reuille on May 3, 2018, for the following charges: two counts of Level 1 Felony Child Molestation, two counts of Level 3 Felony Promotion Of Human Trafficking Of A Minor, one count of Level 4 Felony Child Exploitation, and three counts of Level 6 Felony Possession of Child Pornography.  

Since the second week of May 2018, members of the Fugitive Apprehension Street Team (FAST) and sheriff’s office detectives, Warrants Division and Patrol Division have been looking for Reuille. Late on the evening of May 10 and early on the morning of May 11, FAST, the Warrants Division and patrol deputies narrowed their search for Reuille to a residence in the Colonial Trailer Park Community, 6248 N CR 400 West.

Upon attempting to make contact with Reuille, a single gunshot was heard coming from the residence. Officers entered and found Reuille deceased.  

LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service and the LaPorte County Coroner’s Office assisted at the scene. 

6 Responses to “Child molesting suspect kills himself as police close in”

  1. Judge Roy Bean

    May 11. 2018

    I can’t say as I sorry to hear that. Glad to know he won’t be preying on any more kids.

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    • Me

      May 12. 2018

      Hahahaha love the name!!! The hanging judge. I used to love out by his old jail in Texas and we would always take family to visit.

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      • Judge Roy Bean

        May 12. 2018

        I think you were the first person to catch on to that name. Great old movie.

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  2. mike mcferron

    May 13. 2018

    As a former La Portean now living in Prescott AZ – I visit the WNLP site on a regular basis. I’ve long appreciated your moniker – and often agree with your comments.
    FYI – downtown Prescott has “Whiskey Row” – a strip full of saloons and the like.
    One of them is Jersey Lily’s after Lily Langtry – A truly fun experience and lots of references to Judge Roy Bean – “The Law West of The Pecos”

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  3. lawman

    May 13. 2018

    the gary cooper/walter brennan version or the paul newman version? both good

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  4. Aghast

    May 16. 2018

    What is the matter with you people? Children are compromised… A man died and you reply with jovial banter like it’s all old hat. You people make us ashamed to live in LaPorte!

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