Health and wellness organizations may apply for Healthcare Foundation grants

The second of two Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte grant cycles is now open. Organizations seeking grant funding for projects related to the health and wellness of LaPorte residents are encouraged to apply. Proposals are due by June 29 at midnight.

Priority will be given to evidence-based projects that encourage collaboration between community organizations. Visit to learn more. HFL accepts applications only through its Grant Portal; see the link on the HFL website. Applications sent by any other means will not be reviewed.

Proposals requesting funding of more than $25,000 will be required to submit a brief Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI is due through the Grant Portal by May 22 for consideration. Applicants will receive a response to their LOI by June 1 so that full proposals can be submitted by the June 29 deadline. Proposals below $25,000 will go directly to the application stage.

Types of grants:

— Strategic grants: grants of any amount that address one of three specific, board-approved, major community needs with a defined impact on health and wellness.

  1. Healthy Living: Grants in this area focus on reducing obesity and weight-related chronic diseases, improving access to healthy foods and reducing food deserts, and increasing community-wide focus on active living and fit lifestyles.
  2. Healthy Children: Grants in this area focus on decreasing the number of low-birthweight births, decreasing the number of preterm births, decreasing the number of uninsured children, reducing childhood obesity, reducing teen births, improving education about tobacco and drug usage and their consequences, increasing safety in homes and schools, increasing access to mental healthcare for children, and increasing the number of children and parents making informed decisions about good childhood health and its lifelong benefits.
  3. Healthy Minds: Grants in this area focus on increasing access to treatment for mental health illnesses, increasing access to treatment for substance abuse, decreasing drug and tobacco usage, decreasing controlled substances dispensed, and decreasing alcohol-related driving accidents.

When applying for a strategic grant, applicants must identify the community-wide indicators that their project will make an impact toward improving. The goals and indicators for each type of strategic grant can be found at and should be used to help applicants decide the Strategic Focus Area their proposal addresses.  

Responsive grants-Healthy LaPorte: grants that contribute to the health and wellness of LaPorte but fall outside the scope of HFL’s three Strategic Focus Areas. Applicants should ensure that their project does not fit into one of the Strategic Focus Areas before submitting a proposal under responsive grants. These grant proposals are limited to requests of $25,000 or less. Learn more about Responsive Grants at

Organizations seeking to apply for a grant are welcome to contact HFL with questions by emailing or calling 219.326.2471.

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