Moments in Time, June 6

Compiled by Mary Hedge, LaPorte County Public Library

June 6, 1918 — One hundred sixty-four young men of military age registered at the offices of the LaPorte draft board in the First National bank building. They are likely to see service in October.

June 6, 1968 — Sen. Robert F. Kennedy is dead. Like his brother, he was the victim of an assassin’s bullet. He died at 1:44 a. m. PDT today at age 42.

June 6, 1993 — LaPorte will receive a $48,000 grant to plan how to renovate the depot and turn it into a “mini Union Station,” similar to the setting at Indianapolis’ Union Station.

June 6, 2008 — The LaPorte County Liquor Commission approves a new liquor license to be used by the Michigan City Harbor Grill on the site of the former Michigan City Yacht Club.

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