Great Shots: Courthouse hawks update — my, how they’ve grown!

The parents (right) and a young hawk (lower left) perch near the courthouse clock.

Baby and mother on the nest, more than 6 stories above the ground below.

A young one bravely stands up in the lofty nest.

An adult hawk keeps watch over LaPorte.

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UPDATE JUNE 10: The top two photos show Pastor Carl Galloway’s shots of the young hawks on their majestic courthouse perch during the 2nd week of June, followed by the photos Galloway took less than a month ago. “The young hawks are practicing flying and getting ready to leave the nest. They grew up quickly.”

Original May 22 post:

The LaPorte County Courthouse has more than 30 faces carved into its red sandstone surface. (Stroll around it and check them out!) And sometimes, majestic living creatures decide to roost there to add to its beauty. Pastor Carl Galloway captured these shots and wrote: “Red-tailed hawks are nesting on the LaPorte courthouse once again and there are at least three young in the nest. The young are rapidly maturing.” If you pass the courthouse soon, be sure to look up.

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3 Responses to “Great Shots: Courthouse hawks update — my, how they’ve grown!”

  1. Sherry

    May 23. 2018

    WOW great shots. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Kathy T

    May 23. 2018

    Hawks are so beautiful!

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    May 23. 2018

    Fantastic shots!!! Thanks so much for the 30 faces info too.

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