For 2nd time in a week, an officer is hurt while responding to a crime

For the second time in a week, a local police officer has been hurt while responding to a crime.

Trail Creek Deputy Nick Korepanow fell and broke his shoulder while running after a robbery suspect Wednesday night, June 27, 2018.

The man being pursued, who was ultimately caught, is suspected of robbing the Speedway gas station at 5830 Franklin St. at about midnight. Juwan Garrett, 22, reportedly entered the business with his face covered, indicated he had a gun, took money and fled.

Trail Creek and Michigan City police searched the area and spotted Garrett outside the Garden Estates Apartment Complex. Garrett ran and Korepanow, a 3-year veteran of the Trail Creek force, chased him. During the pursuit Korepanow slipped in the mud and wet grass and fell. Michigan City Police Officer Justin Frever continued to chase Garrett and the suspect turned back toward Korepanow, then also slipped and fell. Despite his injury Korepanow was able to jump on Garrett and hold him until Frever ran back. Garrett was then cuffed and arrested. He is charged with felony robbery and resisting law enforcement.

Korepanow was treated at a hospital and recovering at home.

On Monday, June 25, Michigan City Police Officer Matthew Babcock sustained injuries to his hand when a Michigan City man intentionally rammed Babcock’s squad car with his SUV. That man was also apprehended after a car chase. (See WNLP story on this same page)

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  1. Bruce Baker

    Jul 01. 2018

    Big salute to officer Korepanow. Just a reminder that small town cops face the same dangers as their big city brothers. A lesser police officer would have shot Garret and been crucified for it. Korepanow showed real professionalism.

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