Shelter’s Animal Care Camp welcomes 70 kids to learn about pets and pet care

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski

A decade ago, LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter Director Jane Bernard and her hard-working crew launched a new program: the annual Animal Care Camp for Kids. They started then with a small group of participating children. This year at the 10th annual camp, some 70 kids interacted with animals, learned a lot about pet care and had a lot of fun during the 3-day event June 26-28, 2018. Students observed a horse being shoed, dogs pulling carts, rats as pets, the makeup of animal skulls, and assembling pet emergency kits. They participated in relay races that included tending to a sick pet (using a stuffed dog stand-in) that needed surgery. And speaking of surgery, students watched real pets being spayed or neutered in the shelter’s own operating room. Enjoy Bob’s photos. And if you want to sign up your child for next year’s camp, you’d better do it now! Space is limited. Call the shelter at 326-1637.

Shelter Director Jane Bernard, using stuffed animals, demonstrates microchipping a pet to make it more easily trackable in case it becomes lost.

Campers don surgical gear to prepare for a surgical relay race.

Campers learn about items that may be harmful to pets.

Surgical relay race activities.

(This photo and the one below:) A big, beautiful Newfoundland pooch shows how dogs can pull a cart.

(This photo and the one below:) Campers learn how scared or aggressive animals are safely captured.

A camper pets a mule.

Kids watch a horse being shoed.

(This photo and the one below:) Kids learn the structure of animal skulls and how they chew.

Campers assemble pet first-aid kits.


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  1. SuzQuz

    Jun 30. 2018

    Jane and crew, you always do such a wonderful job. La Porte is blessed to have you.

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