Every firework is a scary sound for many pets; here are tips to help them through this noisy holiday

Among other things, Independence Day is synonymous with big noise. Many of our pets suffer the consequences.

The 4th is one of the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter’s busiest times, as many frightened pets run away from their homes. Shelter Director Jane Bernard offers these tips to help your pets through this difficult holiday for them:

— DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS TO THE PARADE! However tempting it is to look cool walking down the route with your dog, it will have to endure high heat, loud noises, and big crowds of unfamiliar people. They will be much more comfortable if you leave them at home in the most cool and quiet environment possible.

— Keep pets indoors during the days before, during and after the 4th to prevent runaways.

— Close the curtains and turn on a TV or radio to provide some distractions for them.

— Use a leash when taking your pet outside.

— Make sure your pet is wearing current identification tags.

— Some animals do well and are not bothered by the fireworks or storms. If that’s the case, the less you make of a storm or fireworks noise, the more likely they might sleep right through it. But if you appear to be worried, they tend to be on edge. Some do well by just being with their owner or, if alone, in a secure location in the house. Animals that are too stressed and frightened, though, can be a danger to themselves. For these pets, it may be best to consult with your veterinarian about medical options.

Signs of stress in pets include:

— Shaking, trembling

— Excessive drooling

— Barking, howling

— Trying to hide or get into/out of the house, fence or other enclosure

— Refusing to eat

By planning ahead for your pet, it can have a safer and less stressful 4th.

2 Responses to “Every firework is a scary sound for many pets; here are tips to help them through this noisy holiday”

  1. susan

    Jul 03. 2018

    Thank you for the tips about pets and the 4th of July. I hope people read this and that they keep their pets at home during the parade!!! I hate fireworks, too, and feel so sorry for our pets that get stressed out this time of year!! Also I feel sorry for animals that are kept outside in this excessive heat!!!!

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  2. lawman

    Jul 03. 2018

    amazes me that with people ”supposedly” strapped for money that they can blast off hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks starting end of june till end of july-they aren’t cheap!

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