Monday at the fair, by Wellinski

At the 4-H Chicken Flying Contest, a hen comes in for a landing under the watchful eyes of the judges.

Rooster: “You want me to WHAT?”

… And off he goes.

4-H member John Peeple was so excited about the award he received for his photo that he escorted his mom, Holly, to his photo (red leaves) and surprised her.

… And he gets a big hug in return.

Katherine Sheerin points to her award-winning model project as her dad takes her photo.

It’s the only way to travel at the fair.

A judge places an award next to a winning model.

Not silos, but trophies stand on these farm models.

4-Hers try their best to pose their sheep during judging.

An award-winning horse rests on its laurels back in the stall.

And the winner is …

Both young man and horse look their spiffiest during judging.

And that goes for a young woman and her horse, too.


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  1. Bob's #1 Fan

    Jul 10. 2018

    Why, that rooster looks like it weighs 60 pounds!!!

    Sorry… it had to be done!

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