Mornin’ at the fair

Sometimes early morning is the best time to go to the fair, especially if you want to visit the 4-H animals on the grounds. WNLP reader Todd McWhirter stopped by the fair and took these shots in the golden hours of morning. Thanks, Todd!

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  1. Sandii McWhirter

    Jul 11. 2018

    The early bird gets the worm but in this case when the fair is here the early bird got the pigs the horses and the most beautiful time of the day please keep documenting the views of our beautiful city Laporte Indiana A big thank you to our son Todd McWhirter 🐷🐓🎡

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  2. Anna Lenardson

    Jul 12. 2018

    Great pictures! Brings back the wonderful memories of my 10 years, the 10 years each of my children had and the 6 years I have shared so far with some my grandchildren. Can’t imagine where we would be without those years of fun, learning and love.

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