What are the odds? Tree takes out part of historic Fox Park pillar/fence — 3 days after repairs were completed on it   

1. The pillar/fence after a car damaged it in October 2017. (Park department photo)

2. The structure after repairs were completed Monday, July 9, 2018. (Park department photo)

3. (This photo and the 2 below:) The structure and the massive tree limb that fell on it, photographed July 12, 2018. (WNLP photos)

As the LaPorte Park and Recreation Department put it in a post, “Sometimes you can’t win for losing.”

The Truesdell Avenue entrance to Fox Park off McClung Road has been graced on both sides by stately stone pillars and a wrought-iron fence for a century. Last October, a car took out a good portion of the wall and fence on the north side of Truesdell. This Monday — that’s right, this Monday, July 9, 2018 — work was completed on repair of the wall and fence.

Then, Mother Nature decided to have some cruel fun.

Either late Wednesday night, July 11, or early Thursday morning, July 12, a massive limb from an oak tree near the structure fell and took out a part of the original fence that hadn’t needed repair the first time around.

In the first round of fixing, “insurance paid for it to be repaired. The cost was $23,480,” Park Superintendent Mark Schreiber told WNLP.  And now, once again, “we will turn it in to the insurance company.

As Yogi Berra said: ‘It’s déjà vu all over again.’”

Ah, irony. Or in this case, wrought irony.

7 Responses to “What are the odds? Tree takes out part of historic Fox Park pillar/fence — 3 days after repairs were completed on it   ”

  1. Ron

    Jul 12. 2018

    It is sad to hear of this incident, but thankful no one was underneath that limb when it fell.
    But it raises an important question: How many other tree limbs in this city are susceptible to this same thing? Does the City of La Porte (or the Park District) have a tree expert that can spot these things early, prune and remove these limbs before an incident like this occurs again? That is preventive maintenance of our trees.
    As for the reporter who wrote this story: Keep up the good wordsmithing skills. Nicely written.

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  2. Melissa

    Jul 13. 2018

    This is a big issue in Laporte!!!!!! I have a tree on my tree lawn that has been dead for several years and I have been through every avenue that’s possible to have it taken down. It has large pieces of bark that falls off daily and large branches that fall weekly!!!! Which have went through the roof on my house and have damaged 2 family members cars, and no one will do anything about it!!!! I live by a high school, junior high school and a Elementary school, I just hope the city does something before a child gets hurt or killed going or coming home from school!!!! I just don’t understand why the city has money to keep planting new trees before taking down the old and dead ones!!!!!! Puzzled tax payer. 🤷‍♀️

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  3. BJH

    Jul 13. 2018

    I don’t remember the name of the man who was killed at an Arts in he Park concert as a result of a tree limb falling down but this is a very real and expensive problem that needs to be addressed. Some trees are dead, diseased or dying. It is not just a park department issue.

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  4. Susan

    Jul 13. 2018

    I totally agree with Melissa!! I have been after the city to look at all the trees on 13th Street from A to C Streets, as many are dead and the bark is coming off weekly. I feel that someone could get hurt by falling limbs while walking down this street. And these trees are on the city tree line!! What will it take for the city of LaPorte to take care of this ongoing problem?

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  5. Joe

    Jul 14. 2018

    But at least the city is paving the streets. Although they did cover all the curbs on my street.

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  6. e

    Jul 16. 2018

    isn’t it the property owner’s responsibility to remove trees?

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  7. cynthia hastings

    Jul 16. 2018

    the darn trees need to be checked Roger Cains was killed at a concert a few years back why hasn’t this been checked does it take more folks dying such a waste of time and money here. I move to Atlanta over 30 years ago and that is one thing we check all the time trees can kill what a sad situation

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