Rambo’s excellent adventures

LPPD photo

The LaPorte Police Department K-9 Division has a little story to tell about Rambo’s full day on Wednesday, July 18 — and the day wasn’t even over yet:

“Rambo had a busy day today. Started the morning off by assisting with apprehending a burglary suspect on the west side of town, followed by finding a stolen and ditched cell phone for a victim.

“The suspect of the burglary ran from police earlier in the morning but decided to cooperate after seeing and hearing Rambo. The suspect laid down on the ground and was taken into custody without further incident.

“The cellphone was stolen from a female victim. The suspect walked away and hid the phone on a car trailer after seeing police respond. Rambo was instructed to find the phone. He searched the area and found the phone by following the fresh scent of human scent. The suspect was then arrested for theft.”

Good boy, Rambo! You deserve an extra treat today — maybe a vanilla ice cream cone?

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  1. Terry Scherer

    Jul 18. 2018

    Thank you for the nice story about LaPorte City’s K-9 Rambo. Great job by both the officer and the K-9! Keep up the good work!
    I laughed at the article writer’s comment about rewarding the K-9 with some ice cream. When I was a K-9 handler many moons ago, I stopped at a local ice cream store and got an ice cream for my K-9. We drew a small crowd of spectators watching the police dog eat his treat.

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    • Deloris Gale

      Oct 15. 2018

      hello Terry this is Gale,Ernie and Larry Vances neice,I remember your first k-9 partner and just like Rambo he was an excellent partner and friend to you,and as I recall not only did you treat him to icecream but he was spoiled to those cheese burgers as well. L0l

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  2. Mary

    Jul 19. 2018

    Great job!!!!! More ice cream for Rambo!!!!!

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  3. LpCitizen

    Jul 19. 2018

    Keep up the good work Rambo! 🙂

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