John Lake responds to Christina Espar’s candidacy for LaPorte County prosecutor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a press release from Democratic candidate for LaPorte County prosecutor, John Lake. The opinions expressed here are Lake’s.


“I ran for prosecutor because I care deeply about the rights of victims, I am passionate about supporting our law enforcement officers as they put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe, and I believe strongly in safeguarding the rights of the accused to ensure that there is justice for all in LaPorte County. I ran because I believed that a change was necessary in the leadership of the prosecutor’s office. On primary election day, the voters agreed with me that our LaPorte County prosecutor requires the leadership of an active trial attorney and prosecutor, rather than that of a politician.

The recent news that the defeated incumbent Democratic prosecutor’s daughter, Christina M. Espar, had been slated to run as a Republican came as a surprise to many people. I was surprised they selected someone who has no criminal case experience and has been an attorney for fewer than three years. I also was surprised that the press release written by Ms. Espar, published in various local media, as well as her subsequent statement published on Facebook, were rife with inaccurate, insensitive, hurtful, and defamatory statements.

The statement Ms. Espar published on Facebook is particularly blatant in its falsity and reckless nature. Ms. Espar stated that I have previously run as a Democrat for prosecutor (I have never before run for prosecutor), that I have been “a professional politician for years, if not decades” (I have never held public office), that I am “willing to try anything and bring(s) a ‘win at all costs’ attitude to (my) political life,” that I sold my “political soul by seeking the support of the criminals and corrupt politicians (I) should be opposing,” and finally that she “cannot sit on the sidelines and watch (me) serve the corrupt.”  

As the voters clearly recognized in the primary election, my impeccable record as a trial attorney, prosecutor, husband and father of seven children speaks for itself. My 27-year legal career has been dedicated to the pursuit of justice for the people of LaPorte County. As a lifelong resident of this county, it has always been my goal to pursue justice for all to preserve safe communities in which all families can thrive. Never in my 27 years of public service in criminal law as a public defender or prosecutor has my integrity been called into question. Never have allegations of corruption been leveled against me. Never have I looked for my own reward in public service. Never has a political candidate made such derogatory, defamatory and false statements about me or my supporters.

So why are these accusations being made now by the Espar campaign? Christina Espar’s candidacy is a thinly veiled attempt to maintain control of the prosecutor’s office for the incumbent, her father, whom I defeated in the primary. Moreover, Ms. Espar lacks any experience in prosecuting criminal cases, and her attempt to attack my integrity, credibility, and intentions in order to win political points highlights her own “win at all costs” attitude.

Now more than ever, it cannot be overstated how important the role of the elected prosecutor is to the well-being and safety of LaPorte County. It is the means by which our citizens should reasonably expect that the constitutional rights of all will be respected while the essential work of law enforcement is brought to fruition in court by experienced prosecutors who know how to secure convictions and to achieve justice for those that have been victimized. LaPorte County cannot afford to play politics with the safety and well-being of its citizens when deciding who is best qualified to run the office of prosecutor. Experience matters; there is only one candidate with the experience to lead the prosecutor’s office, and it isn’t someone named Espar.

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  1. Rick Kentaft

    Jul 22. 2018

    I can NOT agree more with Mr. LAKE’S commenta. I want to know why Ms. Espar is so prejudicial towards people that have had a criminal offense in their paat, paid their debt to society and want to become involved in the political process and serve their community. I also want her to name the names of these So Called CRIMINALS, her cimments lack all credibility WITHOUT names and facts to back up her scurrilous and prejudicial comments.

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  2. Billy 2 shoes

    Jul 22. 2018

    There are so many false statements in this response he should be embarrassed

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  3. Anonymous

    Jul 23. 2018

    I want to know why the GOP is backing her run for office? No experienced Republicans available?

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  4. Kasey

    Jul 24. 2018

    If true, it’s a great thing no other republicans are available

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  5. Luke

    Jul 24. 2018

    “Billy 2 shoes” has had two days to respond to the request for proof of a false statement. What embarrassing thing has been said? How about being a grown-up and going through Mr Lakes statement line by line and explaining where he’s made an embarrassing statement.

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  6. Keven Putnam a.k.a. mr.pottawattomie park

    Sep 25. 2018

    Go Mr. John Lake Let’s Win This One. Everyone Get Out And Vote 🤗.

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