Great Shots: photos from the porch

It’s amazing what you can observe during a relaxing time on the porch, especially if you’ve provided some flora to attract local fauna. Peggy Dew provided these Great Shots from her vantage point, showing a yellow swallowtail enjoying a butterfly bush, a black swallowtail (you have to look closely) being a little elusive, a hairy woodpecker finally overcoming its fear to enjoy some provided suet, and a busy bumblebee. “Hope you enjoy,” Peggy said. If you would like to share a Great Shot (or Shots) of local scenes or events, send them as .jpg attachments to Be sure to include the photographer’s name and a bit of information about the photo(s). 

2 Responses to “Great Shots: photos from the porch”

  1. Cindy

    Aug 02. 2018

    Such beautiful pictures. The purple cone flowers and butterfly bushes seem to really attract the butterflies. Plant milkweed in your garden and you will eventually attract monarch butterflies. Milkweed is the host plant for monarch caterpillars. Monarchs must have milkweed in order to survive.

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  2. Bird watcher

    Aug 03. 2018

    Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing these! What lovely photos!

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