Positive triumphs over negative: Dozens rushed into action to help dogs rescued from squalor

Silver lining time.

The horrific news that 35 dogs (34 alive and 1 dead) were discovered in appalling conditions at a Michigan City house July 30, 2018, was hard to stomach.

The positive news: Local shelter personnel, animal control workers, veterinarians and good-hearted residents sprang to action to rescue and help the animals.

The LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter posted this message on July 31: “Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us in regards to the horrible hoarding case in Michigan City. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we had medical checks done today. In our care are 11 of the 31 dogs, which include 2 females and 9 males of various poodle terrier mixes. Ages range from 4 months to 10-plus years. All dogs have been vetted thanks to Dr. Patrick Dorroh (shown in the 2nd, 4th and 7th photos here), and will be spayed or neutered tomorrow. Many of you have asked what supplies we need. At this point, monetary donations would be best for costs of the medical care, which includes vaccines, medical tests and medications. We will update after surgeries tomorrow.”

The shelter, located on West Ind. 2 in LaPorte, sent the above photos of some of the dogs being cared for. The rest of the dogs are at the Michiana Humane Society in Michigan City, and at Michigan City Animal Control.

Reached by WNLP Tuesday, LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter Director Jane Bernard asked potential adopters to hold off inquiring about the animals until after Thursday, after they have been further treated and evaluated.

Bernard thanked all who have already stepped forward to help in one way or another. “The positive out of this is that when we were notified, we (the LaPorte shelter) stepped up, the Michiana Humane Society stepped up, everybody stepped up immediately to help. I always say it takes a village, and that’s what happened here.”   

Monetary donations may be sent to, or dropped off at, the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter, 2855 W. Ind. 2, LaPorte, IN 46350.

4 Responses to “Positive triumphs over negative: Dozens rushed into action to help dogs rescued from squalor”

  1. lawman

    Aug 01. 2018

    thanks to all involved!! great job. these furry friends now need good homes.

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  2. kathy Zoll

    Aug 01. 2018


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  3. Kasey

    Aug 01. 2018

    Dr. Dorroh is such a class act. Thank you sir!

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  4. Kathy

    Aug 01. 2018

    God Bless everyone of you that helped .The animals can now feel safe and happy.

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