Folks find leprechauns, scrumptious food and more at Sharing Meadows hunt

WNLP photos and information by Bob Wellinski  

The heat didn’t stop hundreds of people from sharing in the fun of the 24th annual Sharing Meadows Leprechaun Hunt on Aug. 5, 2018. During the hunt, folks scoured the 185-acre property in Rolling Prairie, searching for 33 hidden leprechauns, each worth a different dollar amount. The event is a fundraiser for Sharing Meadows, a community for other-abled adults founded by Father Dennis Blaney back in the early 1990s.

Also entertaining visitors were Irish food, a magic show, music, bouncy houses, fishing, and more.

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Enjoy Bob’s photos!

A bouncy house is always an adventure.

In an idyllic summer scene, a tractor tows a wagon full of people to search for leprechauns.

A little snag in the line is taken care of during fishing adventures.

Lucky leprechaun finders check out the value of their discovery.

All ages enjoy this adventure.

“Hellooo, Mr. Leprechaun?”

A tractor ride on the grounds.

Hot job: grilling chicken for the visitors.

How about a little music?

Sometimes, when hunger and aroma take over, leprechauns take a back seat.

A family plots their hunting strategy.

Chow down!

An appropriate chapeau for dining at the event.

This is one event where you really need a walking stick.

3 Responses to “Folks find leprechauns, scrumptious food and more at Sharing Meadows hunt”

  1. Ray

    Aug 07. 2018

    As always, great pics from Bob Wellinski ! Great day out at Sharing Meadows. May God bless Father Blaney and his staff for their wonderful works.

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  2. Barry Cummins

    Aug 07. 2018

    We had a great time! Thank you for all you do for God’s children! ~Peace and Blessings!

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  3. Debbie Martin

    Aug 07. 2018

    As usual had a great time. Thank you volunteers, local farmers, staff and villagers for your hard work to make this event memorable. Sharring Medows is a great place. I am so bless that my daughter lives there. May God Bless you all.

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