Moments in Time, Aug. 13

Compiled by Mary Hedge, LaPorte County Public Library

Aug. 13, 1918 — A United States recruiting train is due in LaPorte tomorrow. The purpose of the visit is to spread patriotic propaganda. It carries a miniature submarine, a camouflage destroyer and more.

Aug. 13, 1968 — Today’s Chuckle: “He’s dreamy,” the teenage girl told her mother. “He’s tall, dark, and has push-button windows.”

Aug. 13, 1993 — The body of the father of basketball star Michael Jordan is found floating in a South Carolina river. Authorities say he had been shot to death.

Aug. 13, 2008 — Although the average sale price for homes in LaPorte rose by 3.5 percent since last year, owners spent 19 more days on average selling their houses.

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