Students, teachers settle into bright and shiny new Handley Elementary School

EDITOR’S NOTE: As giddy as a little kid himself, Bob Wellinski got to photograph students’ first day at the brand new Handley Elementary School on 10th Street. Enjoy!  

WNLP photos and story by Bob Wellinski 

There was a sense of nervousness and excitement … typical emotions experienced the first day back to school from summer vacation. But for the students and staff at Handley Elementary School, there’s no doubt that excitement won the emotional battle as they started the year in the new Handley Elementary School Wednesday morning, Aug. 15, 2018. Over the past 15 months, the new Handley building has emerged just behind the now-demolished 1942 building it replaced. As students and their parents made their way toward the front entrance, many watched a backhoe fill in the basement of the former school. Meanwhile, inside, Handley principal Pam Upp was busy giving her team last-minute instructions. As teachers gathered their students outside and then led them to their new classrooms, smiles gleamed from the faces of teachers and students alike as their eyes took in the view of their new school.

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  1. Susan

    Aug 17. 2018

    Thanks for giving us an inside view of the new Handley School, Bob.

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