Great Shots: beauty all around us

How about some reminders of the beautiful creatures and scenes that surround us? Mike Kellems took the first 3 photos below of a hawk keeping its eyes peeled for a meal along Wozniak Road. He also took the next photo of a sleek red fox loping through a yard, and finally an ethereal shot of fog shrouding the CSX tracks at Forrester Road. The next, from Beth Churchill of Fish Lake: “I was fortunate to get a shot of this majestic king Monarch Butterfly. I believe it to be a male even though his wings are folded and his black spot is slightly visible. I hope you take time to seek all of nature’s beauty.” The next 3 are by Bob Wellinski: “Couldn’t miss nature’s spectacular show. Birds perch on an electrical tower as the sun sets with a reddish hue near CR-300E.” And finally a shot by Shannon Woods showing some quizzical deer near Garden Street. Another deer was recently spotted by a WNLP staffer right next to Grangemouth Drive across from Stone Lake Beach. Drivers, be vigilant! 


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