Luhr Park to grow by 15 acres thanks to land donation

The new park acreage is already planted with native prairie species that attract many types of wildlife. (Photo provided)

The 89-acre Luhr County Park will add 15 more acres thanks to a land donation by the LaPorte County Park Foundation. The land lies along the southern border of the existing park and along CR-150 West.

“This addition to Luhr is significant in many ways,” LaPorte County Parks Superintendent Jeremy Sobecki said in a press release. “The land will be permanently protected from development, adds to the varying wildlife habitat and will allow more trails to be built at Luhr.

“The other beauty of this property is that thanks to the forethought of the Park Foundation and the Northwest Indiana Chapter of Pheasants Forever, it was planted to native prairie species back in 2015, so it is already established as good quality habitat. This is not only great for our park patrons to enjoy, but also a wonderful educational opportunity for our school and public programs.”

The county parks department recently received a $200,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Outdoor Recreation. The grant, along with local matching funds, will allow the department to develop new paved trails in the park, add a new picnic shelter, improve parking lots and add a restroom. While the LaPorte County Park Foundation has owned this 15 acres for 5 years, the timing of this land donation allows the parks department to use the value of the property as a match to the DNR grant dollars. This, along with $70,000 from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte, makes up the majority of the local match needed to complete this project.  

In total, $400,000 worth of improvements will be made to Luhr County Park with construction already underway. Without local support from the LaPorte County Park Foundation and other partners like the Healthcare Foundation, this project would not have been possible.

Luhr County Park, whose entrance is located at 3178 S CR-150W, LaPorte, is open from 7am to sunset daily. There may be areas closed to public use during construction. so please obey posted signs for your safety.

For more information on Luhr Park and all LaPorte County parks, visit:

5 Responses to “Luhr Park to grow by 15 acres thanks to land donation”

  1. Jeff

    Sep 07. 2018

    Doesn’t seem very natural if your putting pavement down for the trails.

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    • ILUVLP

      Sep 07. 2018

      Perhaps the paved trails are so the handicapped can enjoy the park too?

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  2. Charlie Maslankowski

    Sep 09. 2018

    I was always amazed with the natural beauty of this park since I first saw it! Chris and I enjoyed taking our husky Tundra out there for walks and a few games of hide and seek with her. Thank you to the Luhr family and those who have donated property over the years. Kudos to the LaPorte Park Foundation, Indiana DNR, volunteers and everyone else who strive to ensure its future so many others can enjoy it as we did.

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  3. lawman

    Sep 09. 2018

    have always wondered how the catch and release ponds are working out. seems they would get stunted out with this policy continuing. just wondering

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    • Jeremy Sobecki

      Sep 10. 2018

      The fish are growing and we will continue to monitor their progress. The pond was severely overharvested in the past and fish rarely ever reached a very large size. With a good predator prey balance they should not stunt out but even if they do you would probably see bigger fish than you did in the past.

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