Michigan City High School student, 17, arrested for having handgun at school

A 17-year-old Michigan City High School student is now charged with Dangerous Possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm on School Property after it was learned he had a handgun at the school Sept. 7, 2018.

Michigan City Police learned via social media on Sept. 9 that the student had the gun at school. The night of Sept. 9, “school officials were notified, safety plans were initiated and additional staff was summoned to assist,” according to an MCPD press release.

Police, K9 units and staffers searched the entire school throughout the night. No weapon was found, but extra security remained on the school campus Sept. 10.

Meanwhile, investigators zeroed in on the student who had taken the gun to school. He and his parent cooperated with police and were interviewed at the police station. He was charged and taken into custody. The handgun was recovered at the student’s residence and is in police custody.

“School safety is paramount to everyone in the community,” the MCPD release stated. “This matter stands as a reminder that if you see something, then say something immediately. School officials, the MCPD and all First Responders have worked seamlessly together putting plans in place to keep our schools safe.” 

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  1. Gorgeous Jim

    Sep 13. 2018

    Many laws were broken here 1) Minor in possession of a handgun, 2) Carrying a handgun without a valid license to carry, 3)Dangerous possession of a firearm 4)Possession of a firearm on school property and probably a few other laws. Many people believe that if there were more gun laws, then things like this wouldn’t happen anymore. In reality, Laws don’t stop a bad person with a gun, only a good person with a gun can stop a bad person with a gun.

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