Who needs SportsCenter? Here are WNLP’s own photos of Colts’ victory

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski

Bob Wellinski and his youngest, Rebecca, ventured to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy Oct. 21, 2018, to watch the Colts stomp all over the Bills, 37-5. “Although I have covered high school football at Lucas Oil Stadium, this was my (and Rebecca’s) first Colts game to sit back and enjoy without having to worry about taking photos … yeah, right! What a great day! Many thanks to Lucas Oil Stadium and the Colts organization for making the experience such a fan- and family-friendly environment, especially with all the pregame activities outside the stadium.”

This was Buffalo’s LeSean McCoy’s only play of the day as the Colts’ Kenny Moore II causes McCoy’s right leg to bend in a way it’s not suppose to. He possibly also suffered a head injury on the play after this helmet-to-helmet hit by Colt Anthony Walker.

The Colts’ Jordan Wilkins breaks free from two Buffalo defenders.

Colt Kenny Moore II upends Buffalo’s Jason Croon and knocks the ball away in the process.

Indy’s Marlon Mack finds the end zone for a 4th-quarter touchdown.

Kenny Moore II intercepts a Buffalo pass.

Buffalo’s Kelvin Benjamin hauls in a pass as Colt Quincy Wilson comes in for the tackle.

Indy’s T.Y. Hilton hauls in a touchdown pass.

Under pressure from three Bills defenders, QB Andrew Luck (12) finds T.Y. Hilton for a touchdown pass.

Offensive linemen Ryan Kelly and Quenton Nelson give quarterback Andrew Luck time to pass.

On-the-scene correspondents Rebecca and Bob Wellinski.

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  1. Mike Kellems

    Oct 22. 2018

    Bob… awesome shots! I’m incredibly jealous! My favorite is the last pic with you and Rebecca!

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