LaPorte students of all ages now have access to medical care at new Slicer Health Clinic

Key people in opening and running the new student Slicer Health Clinic are (from left) LaPorte schools Superintendent Mark Francesconi, Healthcare Foundation CEO Maria Fruth, clinic Nurse Practitioner Elisa Bergquist, Healthcare Foundation Board Chairman Jeff Bernel, LaPorte Hospital CEO Ashley Dickinson, and LaPorte Hospital Business Development Coordinator Angie Leffler.

Nurse Practitioner Elisa Bergquist welcomes guests to the new Slicer Health Clinic.

Photos by Bob Wellinski

Information from Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte

The Slicer Health Clinic, a service of LaPorte Physician Network, is now open to serve all students within the LaPorte Community School Corporation, thanks to a $165,323 grant from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte and support from the LaPorte School Board and LaPorte Hospital administration.

The clinic, located within LaPorte High School and accessed through the main entrance at 602 F St., is open from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. weekdays in conjunction with the school calendar. LaPorte Physician Network nurse practitioner Elisa Bergquist and medical assistant Lauryn Jones care for students at the clinic.

Research shows that student-based health clinics improve the health of student bodies by providing access to services at the time they are needed, while helping to instill healthy behaviors in young students and teens, when they are more likely to form good habits that last a lifetime.

“We see the Slicer Health Clinic as an extension of the primary care provider or pediatrician role. The nurse practitioner coordinates any care provided at the clinic with the student’s primary care provider, while helping the student to manage any immediate health needs,” said Ashley Dickinson, CEO of LaPorte Hospital.

The clinic is especially convenient for parents whose children may need to be seen by a healthcare provider but cannot obtain a same-day appointment during the school day. While the clinic is located at the high school, any student in the corporation may use it after parents complete an enrollment and consent packet. If driving your child to the clinic, it’s best to avoid clinic use between 2-3 p.m. when the buses are making their way in and out of the school lot.

“A lot of research was put into this project by a steering committee that included local physicians, school administration staff, nurses, teachers, students, parents, LaPorte Physician Network staff, and representatives from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte. We were able to present a solid case for the potential benefits of a student-based health clinic, and look forward to being able to offer a service that can improve the health of our students, improve attendance numbers and engagement in school activities, and provide a health support network for students and parents during the school day. I am excited to see the project unfold,” said LaPorte schools Superintendent Mark Francesconi.

Services provided at the clinic include diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries; physical exams and sports physicals; immunizations and some lab tests; management of chronic health conditions; prescription and over-the-counter medications; promotion of healthy life choices; and referrals for specialty care, including behavioral health and dental care.

Parents or guardians must complete and sign a permission form for enroll each child under age 18 in the clinic. Students ages 18 or older can sign permission forms for themselves. Completed forms should be submitted to the child’s school, upon which the child then will be eligible to receive services at the Slicer Health Clinic for the 2018-19 school year. Insurance will be billed, and if patients are uninsured, assistance will be provided to enroll the student in the appropriate government insurance program.

Medical consent packets can be found on the LaPorte Community School Corporation website under Parent Portal, Forms, then Documents:

For a more complete list of services the clinic provides as well as its mission, visit:

For more information overall, email the clinic at or call (219) 325-1377.

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  1. Lynn Lisarelli

    Oct 24. 2018

    Isn’t this amazing and wonderful?! No such thing existed back when I was in school. We had a school nurse, but her powers were very limited, and all she could do was send you home if you were sick enough.

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  2. lawman

    Oct 24. 2018

    yes -we went from the school nurse to a time when giving an aspirin could bring a lawsuit. this certainly seems like a step in the right direction. give it a chance people.

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  3. Tim

    Oct 24. 2018

    I took my daughter there for her immunization recently. They were very professional and nice. A very good experience.

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  4. Gail Johnson

    Oct 28. 2018

    How very fortunate we are as a community to have the leadership and support of the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte. Thanks to all who have the vision to improve and maintain the health of all here in our home.

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  5. Jack Siford

    Oct 28. 2018

    Wonderfull news. Great thanks to all involved.

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