Newly renovated Wings Etc. suddenly has more renovation to do

Photos and information by Mike Kellems

A car crashed into the dining area of Wings Etc. on East Lincolnway in LaPorte shortly before noon Saturday. No injuries were reported. The restaurant remained open for business after the accident.

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  1. Scott

    Oct 27. 2018


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  2. sonja

    Oct 28. 2018

    I hope not by a drunk driver or someone texting.

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  3. Bill

    Oct 29. 2018

    We got there minutes after the crash. Supposedly he had work a 16 hours shift and fell asleep at the wheel. The cops did their Field Sobriety Tests also but not sure if alcohol was involved or not.

    Thanks to the staff at Wings Etc for staying open !!

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  4. Gorgeous Jim

    Oct 29. 2018

    Stan Maddox had the full story about this on 96.7 the Eagle during all of the news casts, Monday, 10/29/18.

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