Ludlow’s strong spirit will still sound with drum outside City Hall

WNLP photos and story by Bob Wellinski

Those who knew the late Teresa Ludlow knew that she “marched to the beat of her own drum.” So it’s only fitting that a drum was unveiled in her honor Friday, Nov. 2, 2018, by LaPorte Mayor Mark Krentz with Teresa’s family, friends and co-workers present. The stainless steel Babel drum was permanently installed in front of City Hall, just outside Ludlow’s office, where the drum’s sounds will be a reminder to those in and around City Hall of her legacy.

The drum, tuned to the C Major Pentatonic scale with six different notes, was purchased in the United Kingdom in memory of Ludlow, who died of cancer on Sept. 30. Ludlow was the city clerk-treasurer for the past 20 years and devoted a total of 30 years of service to LaPorte. City employees donated the $3,000 to purchase the drum, one that Ludlow once said she wanted to see from her office. The drum was going to be a surprise gift to her in October, but didn’t arrive in time.

Above are Bob’s photos of Krentz speaking to the crowd during the emotional ceremony, and family members and friends greeting and consoling one another.

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