Great Shots: Time to exhale

Photos by Mike Kellems and Brittney Herrbach

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Halloween last week and then a major midterm election this week, among other things. It’s time to pour a beverage of your choice and enjoy these spectacular autumnal shots from Mike Kellems and Brittney Herrbach. If you have a Great Shot of a local scene or event to share, send it as a .jpg attachment to Be sure to include the photographer’s name and a bit of information about the photo. Now, all together: deep breath, exhale; deep breath, exhale …

This sky seems to carry an ethereal message. (Mike Kellems)

A vintage shed and some perfectly shaped trees make for a lovely scene on Wozniak Road. (Mike Kellems)

Orange, red, green, yellow — what more do you want? (Mike Kellems)

The charming Carmel Chapel on 50 South glows in the autumn sun. (Mike Kellems)

The trees, the sky, the farm field … we’re so lucky to have these types of landscapes in LaPorte County. (Mike Kellems)

Oh, that beautiful trio of cypress trees at Clear Lake. May they forever live. Here’s one of them fronting a spectacular sky with geese enjoying the lakeshore. (Mike Kellems)

A goose stretches its wings, perhaps preparing to fly to warmer climes. (Mike Kellems)

Grackles gather on a straw bale in a local farm field, eager to forage for food after harvest. (Mike Kellems)

Grackles fill the sky during one of their aerobatic shows where every bird seems to turn simultaneously in sync. (Mike Kellems)

“Everything in our neighborhood is orange this year,” wrote Brittney Herrbach, who took this shot.

The front yard of a LaPorte home offers oodles of Halloween delights. (Brittney Herrbach)

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  1. Name (required)

    Nov 09. 2018

    WHAT a beautiful county we live in, Thanks for the beautiful show.

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  2. Judi Ford

    Nov 09. 2018

    So enjoyable to see thanks for showing the beauty of LaPorte

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  3. Susan

    Nov 11. 2018

    Great photos, both of you. Thank you for sharing them.

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