The fascinating faces of Maestro Ger

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A tornado (a good kind) blew through the Civic Nov. 10, 2018, in the form of one Russell Ger. With a level of energy that left the crowd agape, Ger pleaded for every ounce of performance from the LaPorte County Symphony, displaying a priceless range of facial expressions in the process.

Ger was the first of 6 candidates to lead the orchestra in hopes of becoming conductor, following the resignation of Philip Baumann in May. Each candidate will visit LaPorte and perform, and symphony personnel, as well as audience members, will vote on each.  

“Wow!” “He’s great.” “The energy he has is unbelievable.” “We love his expressions; something the audience can’t see.” Those were just a few comments Bob Wellinski heard during the concert.

Born and raised in Australia and currently working in New York, Ger toured North America with renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman, promoting a recording for Sony of Jewish art music made in 2012.

While he was in LaPorte, Ger also visited LPHS orchestra students and grade 1-3 students at Renaissance Academy.

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Enjoy Bob’s great shots of Ger in action:

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  1. Mike

    Nov 14. 2018

    Great shots, Bob!! You managed to captura lot of scenes that most people don’t get to see… well done!

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