Update: County recycling program offers more info on bringing in prescription bottles

order now UPDATE DEC. 17: WNLP has gotten some inquiries on whether the prescription bottles brought in for recycling have to be completely clean of residue once the personal information is removed. The district’s response: “It’s OK if they’re not perfectly cleaned off. They just need to be rinsed out and as much of the personal information on the label removed as possible.”


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LaPorte County residents finally have a place to take their empty prescription bottles, those amber-colored ones as well as white ones. The LaPorte County Solid Waste District has partnered with Matthew 25: Ministries and is now accepting the empty prescription medication containers.

Recycling instructions:

  1. Take the bottles to the SWD office at 2857 W. Ind. 2 (next to the animal shelter). DO NOT put the bottles in your regular recycling bin.
  2. Be sure to remove the labels before you drop them off.

Bottles will be sent to Matthew 25: Ministries, which will reuse them on mission trips where medical facilities are available. Patients will be given medication bottles in which to keep their pills, instead of the current situation where some patients are carrying medication in their pockets and shoes.

Every pill bottle donated enhances one of these missions, and the recycling effort reduces plastics in landfills and incineration facilities.

For more information, call the SWD at 219-326-0014.

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  1. Cindi Boardman

    Dec 13. 2018


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  2. riverdog

    Dec 14. 2018

    what is an easy way to remove the labels and does the whole label need to be removed?Thanks

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  3. susi

    Dec 15. 2018

    Riverdog, peel off label, soak bottle in hot soapy water to remove paper residue, dry bottle, spray wd-40 on glue, wipe off with rag.

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