Merry Christmas from WNLP! Enjoy these yuletide scenes from the past

This photo of a great float featuring Santa and his reindeer was taken at an early 1960s LaPorte Santa Parade, a tradition that continues today. The building was the Jacob Rose Studebaker Garage at the northwest corner of Indiana Avenue and State Street. (Courtesy of LaPorte County Historical Society)

A star and a wreath are among the decor hanging in the 700 block of Lincolnway, looking east, in this circa 1950s shot. Low’s Clothing Store is visible straight ahead. Across the street is Lee Jax, which was at the corner of Lincolnway and Monroe. Note the buildings just east of Lee Jax, now the site of a city parking lot. If you look real hard, you can see the tower of the LaPorte Theatre in the distance.

This amazing circa 1930s photo of Lincolnway (taken from the LaPorte Theatre tower, perhaps?) shows downtown LaPorte at Christmastime with festive lights strung across the street. It’s a view looking west, with Levine’s Boston Store at lower left, taken from near the intersection of Jackson Street and Lincolnway. Stores are aglow to welcome shoppers and judging by the number of parked cars, business was good. (Courtesy of LaPorte County Historical Society)

This circa 1925 view of Lincolnway is looking east from near Perry Street. The buildings on the north side of the street start with Joseph C. Smith Music Shop on the extreme left, Rumely Tractor Company buildings, the Madison Street intersection, then Peterson Hardware, several stores, and finally the Central Theatre at the corner of Indiana Avenue. You can see the courthouse tower, too. Notice (toward right of photo) the stars suspended over the street and the Christmas trees on the sidewalk. (Courtesy LaPorte County Historical Society)

6 Responses to “Merry Christmas from WNLP! Enjoy these yuletide scenes from the past”

  1. SuzQuz

    Dec 25. 2018

    Thank you for the old photos. Wonderful!!!

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  2. Lynn Lisarelli

    Dec 25. 2018

    LOVED these old pictures!! Thank you very much!!

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  3. Mike

    Dec 25. 2018

    Fantastic snapshots of the way it used to be… great walk down memory lane!

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    Dec 25. 2018

    What a blast from the past!!! I love the old pictures of LP and the different era of cars and trucks. If we only knew to hang on to them.
    I had forgotten all about Lee Jax. We used to call it the “Trick Store”, because they used to sell all kinds of magic stuff and gag toys like the smoking monkeys, cigarette loads, and exploding matches.
    Neat to see the old Smith Shoes where my dad worked.
    Great times! Thanks for the memories, and Happy Holidays.

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  5. Susan

    Dec 26. 2018

    Keep the old photos coming. Great!!!!

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  6. Left LaPorte

    Dec 28. 2018

    Ahh, the good old days!

    Yes, I remember Lee Jax and the massive slot car track in the basement!

    Remember when there were three “Big Name” department stores in town besides the local stores? How about “Greatful Threads”, Sages, Farm & Fleet, Five Star, Wonderland, Terry’s A&W and Burger Chef BEFORE McDonalds and so many more?

    The days you could ride your bike all over town, down country roads and not have to lock it? How about a great cheeseburger from the back door of Smutzer’s tavern? I would eat that with a Coke while waiting for the Herald Argus to run the print line so I could pick up papers, fold them and deliver them!

    Yes, those were some great times! Now that you have wetted our appetite, please find more photos and stories to share!

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