LaPorte Mayor Krentz, chosen by GOP caucus in 2017, won’t seek a full term in 2019 election


LaPorte Mayor Mark Krentz announced Jan. 1, 2019, that he will not seek a full term as LaPorte mayor in the 2019 city election. Krentz was elected by GOP caucus on Aug. 11, 2017, to complete the final two years of former Mayor Blair Milo’s 2nd term. Milo resigned to take the role of secretary of career connections and talent in Gov. Eric Holcomb’s administration.

“Since taking the oath of office at the mayoral caucus in August, 2017, my goal has been to serve the City of LaPorte to the best of my abilities,” Krentz said in a released statement. “I have worked hard to maintain momentum and move the city forward alongside the excellent team with whom I work daily. I will continue to put my experience, energy and focus into the work at hand without the distraction of running a mayoral campaign. While I believe I have exhibited the passion, professionalism, pride and what it takes to be the Mayor of LaPorte, I choose not to run in 2019. Instead, I will continue to focus on the present needs and future goals of the City and its citizens.”

One Republican who has already declared his intention to run for mayor is Tom Dermody, former state representative and former LaPorte School Board member. Dermody announced in 2015 that he would not seek a 6th term as state representative, and in March 2018 declared his candidacy for mayor. At the time of the 2017 GOP caucus, Dermody did not live within the City of LaPorte, but has since moved into the city.

The 2019 primary election is May 7 and the general election is Nov. 5.

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  1. lawman

    Jan 05. 2019

    I hope WHOEVER does become mayor will look at our city streets-they are terrible. sometime you may not notice in a car but try them on a bicycle-18th from I to kingsbury, Andrew ave, lake shore drive just to name a few. if you stay on the crown you have half a chance. Pull over for a car and you crack a tire or lose your teeth. all the ”bike route” signs don’t help a bit. they have gone so far as to put up ”rough pavement ”signs on 18th street-great fix. Yet when I ride around the old chalmers area-the road to nowhere-the crews are constantly updating and improving. great if you want to go around in circles and see nothing. I realize they are planning for a ”will come later” but lets take care of the people we have now please.

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