Woman charged with felonies after spitting in 2 county officers’ faces

A LaPorte woman is facing two felony charges after reportedly spitting on two LaPorte County Sheriff’s officers while they were trying to subdue her.

According to a sheriff’s office report, Kimberly Ramey, 48, was trying to recover items from her former residence on Johnson Road on the afternoon of Dec. 28, 2018. After becoming physically unruly and ignoring officers’ commands to cooperate, Ramey spit in the face of Sgt. Jon Burger.

Burger handcuffed Ramey and was transporting her, but on the way she tried to kick out the squad car’s window and tried to head butt Burger as he drove. Burger stopped and called for assistance. With Ramey still struggling and yelling obscenities, Deputy Austin Wells tried to place a spit mask on her but during the struggle, she spit into Wells’ face, eyes and mouth. Eventually she was transported in leg shackles to LaPorte Hospital for medical evaluation in another squad car with two officers aboard. She continued to yell and struggle at the hospital. She was treated and released, then transported to LaPorte County Jail.

Ramey was charged with two counts of Battery, level 6 Felonies; Resisting Law Enforcement, class A misdemeanor; and Disorderly Conduct, Class B misdemeanor.

Because the saliva struck Wells in the eye and mouth, he will have to undergo blood tests and vaccinations for the next six months.

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  1. No Respect

    Jan 03. 2019

    What a nut case. These two officers must have had a lot of patience. I would have tazed her a few times.
    Good job guys.

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  2. Seriously No Truth

    Jan 07. 2019

    Tell the Truth !!!

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  3. Kathy

    Jan 08. 2019

    Taser ……. That is so nasty and she is 48 ??Grow up girl.

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