UPDATE: Man arrested in shooting of woman in Clay Street house Jan. 14


UPDATE JAN. 16: LaPorte Police have arrested Ronald Means, 37, who is charged with Attempted Murder, Felon in Possession of Firearm, and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Police said he was apprehended in Griffith, IN, at about 3:30 p.m. Jan. 15 and was taken into custody without incident. The woman who was shot is in stable condition in an Indianapolis hospital and is expected to recover. Means was transported to LaPorte County Jail and his bail was set at $100,000 cash.

Police said: “This was a collaboration with detectives from the LaPorte Police Department, LaPorte County Drug Task Force, LaPorte County FAST, and U.S. Marshal’s Service. The Griffith Police Department also assisted by performing a traffic stop for detectives once the suspect was located.”


A woman was listed in stable condition at an Indianapolis hospital after reportedly being shot by a male acquaintance in a Clay Street house in LaPorte Jan. 14, 2019.

LaPorte Police reported they were called to the house in the 1100 block of Clay Street at about 9:30 p.m. and found the wounded woman. Police said she and the alleged shooter had been arguing and he left before police got there.

Police did not release the woman’s identification.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Bowman or Detective Sergeant Airy at the LaPorte Police Department, (219) 362-9446.

4 Responses to “UPDATE: Man arrested in shooting of woman in Clay Street house Jan. 14”

  1. La Porte Resident

    Jan 18. 2019

    Now if La Porte Police Dept would unscramble their frequency so scanners can listen that would be great, it was a dumb move to scramble in the first place. What is LPPD hiding from the taxpayers anyway? Clay street isn’t far from me and would’ve liked to be aware of this happening, cop cars spotlighting my house looking was quite scary.

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  2. James Vowell

    Jan 19. 2019

    La Porte Resident, The decision to scramble the La Porte City police radio was made by the previous police chief, who also made the public entrance way to the police Dept. on Michigan Av. akin to visiting the wizard of Oz. The current police chief would like to unscramble the radios but it would cost thousands of dollars to do, so scrambled it is.

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  3. Kathryn Putz Wegiel

    Jan 19. 2019

    Thank you LPPD for your service to our community. I couldnt care less about you scrambling your scanner frequency. I applaud your hard effort.

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  4. lawman

    Jan 20. 2019

    I am not too concerned about the scanners and I would like to commend the police for their hard work in troubling times. I do have to agree with Mr. Vowell on the police station entrance though. I went there several years ago and was shocked how difficult it was to see a real human-except thru glass. the oz reference seemed spot on. I would think it should be more citizen friendly

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