What better day than this for a sunny suspension of reality, thanks to Mike Kellems?

A surfer takes advantage of the waves and fantastic weather. (More photos below)

buy now EDITOR’S NOTE: Pour a hot morning brew and escape from reality by gazing at Mike’s photos.

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I know this may seem like bad timing to some, however once I share with you my misery, you will all feel very sorry for me!

Last week I was in Florida. I had the good fortune of staying with my good friends Mike and Aileen Turner, who have a a home on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast, near Sarasota. I hit the “weather lottery” right and enjoyed mild weather all week. The highlight was last Wednesday, when the thermometer hit 83 degrees. I spent some time on the beach, watched some surfers, did some metal detecting and just enjoyed the day.

Where does the misery come from, you ask? Well, I had to come back! Now, I was never very good at math; just ask Mr. Woodrow, my 9th grade algebra teacher. But follow me as I work the digits … 83 degrees last Wednesday and – 51 degree wind chill a week later. That’s about a 130-degree swing! All that wonderful weather and now suffering through temperatures that will struggle to reach zero. See what I mean?

One funny highlight I want to share: While watching the local news out of Tampa/St. Pete one morning, the nice lady doing the weather said, and I quote, “It’s going to be 51 degrees to start the morning, so keep those kiddos in the car to stay warm while waiting for the bus.” I split my sides laughing! Can you imagine?

Despite all of the weather drama, it was good to get away and I’m thankful for the great time. Enjoy the photos over the next few days. I hope they bring a small glimmer of hope for warmer weather!

Another skillful surfer.

This guy kept a watchful eye as we ate lunch at a local seafood joint right on the water.

All together now: Aaaahh.

Cranes (?) — spread their wings to float on the warm breezes

3 Responses to “What better day than this for a sunny suspension of reality, thanks to Mike Kellems?”

  1. William Power

    Jan 30. 2019

    Great shots Mike. The, “cranes”, look like American white ibis birds. Hello to all La Porte snowbirds.

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  2. Julie Kessler

    Jan 30. 2019

    Thanks, Mike!

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  3. Bob

    Jan 31. 2019

    Great photos Mike. How about photos and/or video of you surfing?!

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