Cold is the suspected culprit in semi/train accident on Boston Street tracks Wednesday






Update from city Police Officer Bill Degnegaard  Feb 1: “The driver’s name was Thomas A. Myron of Detroit, MI. The estimate of damage to the semi tractor, trailer, cargo and train crossing is over $100,000. The crossing is open for traffic at this time. I also obtained a couple of photos obtained by an officer on the south side of the tracks. Due to the extreme cold, the patrol camera used for the initial photos froze.”


The cold weather is suspected to be the ultimate cause of a semi/train accident at the Boston Street tracks in LaPorte Wednesday morning, Jan. 30, 2019, shortly before 11 a.m.

LaPorte Police report that the northbound semi stalled on the tracks, apparently because its fuel lines were possibly gelling in the extreme cold. The crossing gates started to come down, so the driver got out of the truck. A westbound train was unable to stop and struck the semi directly behind the cab, toward the front of the trailer, which was filled with auto parts. After the crash, the semi cab was on the north side of the tracks and the trailer was on the south side of the tracks. There were no injuries reported in the accident.

The semi driver, whom police did not identify as yet, said his rig had stalled a little earlier on East Lincoln Way, but he was able to get it started that time.

Police said the crossing will be closed until Norfolk Southern can complete repairs and inspect the crossing.

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