Polar vortex, Wellinski style

https://sheisfiercehq.com/shop/ order now Photos by Bob Wellinski

Well, you knew he’d get out there. Bob shows us just how cold it was in a variety of ways in these shots he took Tuesday, Jan. 29, and Thursday, Jan. 31, and proves once again it was sometimes beautiful out there.

The -20 temp Thursday helped make for a fiery- looking sunrise.

A combination of clouds and maybe some steam makes for a scene out of old England Thursday morning.

Another example of beauty among the beastly cold: frost on a window.

The sun sets over Clear Lake Tuesday as the cold commences.

Read it and weep on the LaPorte Hospital sign Thursday morning.

A brave soul (he’s under there somewhere) walks downtown, hopefully on his way to buy some gloves, Tuesday.

A pedestrian hurries to work.

On a warmer note, Brittani, 12, and Kayleigh, 9, Heath give Center Township Trustee Lisa Pierzakowski a plate of cookies for people who stayed at the township warming center. The girls and their mom spent their snow day baking 7 dozen cookies for LaPorte’s warming centers.

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  1. Mike Kellems

    Feb 01. 2019

    Bob… Great pics as always however I’ll take my Florida assignment over yours any day!!!

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  2. Tim

    Feb 02. 2019

    Great pics. Does the extreme temperature effect the camera?

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