Michigan City man arrested after stealing purse, injuring woman


Michigan City Police arrested a man shortly after he reportedly stole her purse and injured her in the process on Feb. 6, 2019, at about 10:45 p.m.

Police said a man had approached a woman, 49, in the Save-A-Lot station at 1811 Franklin St. as she was returning to her car. He grabbed her purse and they struggled, causing injury to her. He fled on foot to his car, parked a few blocks away.

The victim was able to provide a good description of the suspect and the car. Within a half hour, police spotted the car in the 5700 block of Franklin Street. Police initiated a traffic stop and found evidence of the robbery, and the suspect was subsequently identified by the victim. The suspect was determined to be 27-year-old Quayshuan Kelly, now charged with Robbery, Causing Bodily Injury, a Level 3 Felony.

MCPD Chief Mark Swistek lauded the quick response and investigative efforts of the Patrol Division and Investigative Division. Anyone having further information is asked to call Lead Detective Cpl. Anna Painter at 219-874-3221 Ext. 1077.

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  1. Steve

    Feb 09. 2019

    Another LOOSER !

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  2. NamVet

    Feb 09. 2019

    Good and fast excellent police work…Kudos to the Michigan City Police Department. Now the judicial system has to throw the book at this low-life and not just give him a slap on the wrist. Yep…3 hots a cot and a roommate for an extended period of time!

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